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Serving the Sault & Algoma since 1913. #WeLiveHere

Lyons Ltd. has been part of the community of Sault Ste. Marie since it first became incorporated as a city. James Lyons established Lyons Fuel, Hardware and Supplies Ltd. in 1913 with a vision of providing customers with quality products, expert advice, and exceptional service. Today, we continue the tradition of being a family owned and operated business serving Sault Ste. Marie and Algoma as Lyons Timber Mart Black Rd., Lyons Timber Mart Wellington, and Island Timber Mart, while upholding the Lyons Values and offering a wide variety of Canadian products and professional service.

Our Vision:

To be a well-respected regional chain of hardware and building supply stores in Northern Ontario.

Our Mission:

To operate the most helpful hardware and building supply stores around and be cornerstones of the communities we serve.

Scott Beaumont, Natalia Lizarazo, and daughter Sofia

Our Values

  • To create a workplace where we all can grow together and learn from each other.
  • To be strong community and environmental leaders.
  • To provide industry best customer service using an inverted pyramid management approach.
  • To remember how we got here and take pride in our heritage.

Our History

James Winfield Lyons is born in Virginia, Ontario, to James and Sarah Ann Horner, the eldest in a family of 13 children.

August 26, 1878

James Lyons marries Angelina Hodgson in Toronto. At the age of 20, James is manager of a 400-acre farm.


The Lyons family moves to Steelton, Ontario, which later merges with Sault Ste. Marie. His first jobs included working in the steel plant as a mason’s helper, working on the construction of the new Reduction Works, and later becoming Superintendent of Operations.


Lyons bought and sold several businesses, including a Steelton butcher shop; a grocery store; a men’s boot and shoe store; and an insurance, real estate, and loan firm.


Lyons began his political career serving as Ward 1 alderman in the town of Steelton. Image credit: Teresa Rickard Parish


Lyons serves as mayor of Steelton, during which time he helped bring many modern improvements to the town, such as municipally-owned water, an electric lighting system, and the first concrete pavement in Northern Ontario. Image credit: Sault Ste. Marie PUC


James Lyons establishes Lyons Fuel, Hardware and Supplies Ltd. The company focuses on coal, precast concrete, and mining supplies. The building was originally a horse stable for the horses that were used to deliver the coal to the houses that was brought in for the Steel Mill and to warm the homes as well.


James Lyons serves in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as a member of the Conservatives, and serves as Minister of Lands and Forests. One interesting improvement he made while in office included the re-routing of the Trans-Canada highway through Sault Ste. Marie.


The company establishes a saw mill and buys land along the ACR for logging rights.


James Lyons serves as Mayor of Sault Ste. Marie.


The company establishes a concrete block plant with a unique three-cell design.


James Lyons dies. Following his death, his sons take over the business.

September 10, 1947

The company adds a ready-mix concrete business and focuses on heating fuel oil.

Post-War 1950s

The Board of Education named a school (James Lyons Public School) after him in recognition of his many contributions to the Sault Ste. Marie area.


Lyons Fuel, Hardware and Supplies Ltd. is sold to Richard Beaumont, Chartered Accountant for the company, along with a group of employees and investors.


Richard Beaumont becomes sole owner and the business expands into building supplies.


Richard’s son, David, returns to the Sault after majoring in Computer Science at McMaster University. David begins working at the building supplies business full-time and introduces a leading-edge computerized inventory system.


David Beaumont purchases the business, becomes company President, and acts as Chairman of the Board for the buying group Homecare. Richard Beaumont becomes acting President of the local Construction Association.


Lyons Homecare becomes part of the Canadian buying group Timber Mart to take advantage of national buying power.


Lyons Timber Mart West modernizes and expands from its original 5,000 sqft retail showroom at 500 Wellington St. West, to a 35,000 sqft retail building center, with an expanded offering of hardware, decor products and an installation division.


David’s wife, Ruth, joins the business after many years working as a local teacher and raising their three sons.


The concrete ready-mix plant is sold so the company can focus solely on hardware, lumber and building materials.


Scott Beaumont, son of David and Ruth, joins the business after majoring in Civil Engineering at McMaster University.


A second 20,000 sqft location opens at 43 Black Rd. to provide better service and convenience to the east end of Sault Ste. Marie.


Lyons Ltd. takes over a small hardware store on St. Joseph Island.


Scott Beaumont becomes President and General Manager, and his wife Natalia becomes Vice President, Purchasing and Inventory of Lyons Ltd., overseeing Lyons Timber Mart Wellington, Lyons Timber Mart Black Rd, Island Timber Mart.


Scott Beaumont establishes Norquay Engineering Ltd., focusing on Engineering and BCIN Architectural building plans for the construction industry.


Island Timber Mart relocates to a brand new 5,000 sqft building at Kents Corner to provide better service and convenience to St. Joseph Island and the North Shore.


Scott Beaumont establishes Norquay Trusses Ltd. as an extension of the Norquay brand to provide high-quality trusses for custom homes and commercial buildings, delivered through exceptional services, state-of-the-art equipment and automation.


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