Create This Look: 7 Essential Tips for Designing a Stylish & Accessible Bathroom

When planning a bathroom renovation for an in-law suite or to accommodate changes in your own accessibility, a safe, usable space doesn’t have to be sterile looking. That’s what grabbed our attention in this featured bathroom design. With a few modifications, this space could easily be transformed into a dream getaway that meets accessibility needs.

6 Reasons Carpet Is Best for Your Bedroom or Home Office

Carpet seems to have taken a bit of a backseat for those who prefer low-maintenance, high-performance flooring like hardwood, ceramic, or linoleum. Before you hit the back button, bear with me… Carpet. Is. Not. Dead! Sure, it’s a lot easier to clean up spills, puppy messes, or allergen-inducing dust bunnies off hardwood, but most homeowners

Create This Look: Entertain the Kids All Summer Long with a Ninja Warrior-Style Obstacle Course!

If you’ve seen the viral video of little 5-year-old Lylah enthusiastically powering her way through a homemade obstacle course, her dad and stuffies cheering her on, you’ve likely thought, “I can do that!” You’re right! You can! And we’re here to help you turn your backyard into an athletically challenging (and safe!) place your kids

5 Interior Door/Trim Styles to Take Your Room from Meh to {Gasp!}

You’ve selected paint colours and fresh lighting choices, so now it’s time to update your doors and trim to match the inspiration behind your room’s design. If your room’s vision board (hellloooo Pinterest!) includes titles like Bohemian Rhapsody, Country Cozy, or Shabby Chic, you’ll love our selection of doors and trim. Timber Mart carries Metrie,