Things to Consider Before Building a Fence

Things to Consider Before Building a Fence


Building a fence is a significant investment of time and resources, but with careful planning and consideration, your new fence will greatly enhance your property. Consider these three important factors to help ensure a smooth and successful build. 

1. Check Local Regulations & Permits
Check your local regulations before picking up the hammer. Many municipalities, including Sault Ste Marie, have by-laws regarding fence height, location, and style. You will also require a permit before you start your build. Ensure compliance with any height restrictions and setback requirements.

2. Determine Property Boundaries 
Discuss the construction of the fence with any neighbours who will be directly impacted. Depending on the situation, they may decide to split the cost of the fence with you. Consider consulting a surveyor to locate precise boundary lines. Installing the fence on the correct side of the boundary line can help prevent conflict down the road. 

3. Durability & Maintenance
Choose a durable and low-maintenance fencing material. Pressure treated lumber is a popular choice in Sault Ste Marie and built to withstand the Canadian climate. Elevate your pressure treated fence design with post caps or solar lighting, stain, paint, and decorative lattice. Our team of building experts can help you design the perfect fence for your needs. 

Visit Lyons and Island TIMBER MART for all your fencing supplies, from materials and tools to expert advice. We're here to support you at every step of your fencing project, ensuring it stands strong and looks great for years to come.

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