CTL: Spend More Time Outdoors in this Fabulous Firepit Retreat

There’s no better way to add elegance and craftsmanship to your home than to create an outdoor living space that you’ll be proud to share with guests and neighbours. That’s why we love this custom firepit lounge area from Brown’s Concrete Products! Hardscaping–the use of non-living elements such as patio stones, stone walls, or wood arbour–creates a sense of organization and functionality around natural areas and features.

Merge the strength and beauty of nature in your waterfront home or cottage landscape with stone textured concrete free-standing walls and patio stones. We recommend going with the Rosetta by Brown’s line of concrete products because it’s only available in Ontario through Brown’s Concrete and its distributors, including Timber Mart, so you know you’re getting a product truly designed for the unique weather changes and landscape needs of your home or cottage. By combining the look and feel of natural weathered stone with the dimensional consistency of concrete blocks, this premium line of hardscape products delivers creative solutions never before available in an engineered system.

Ground Stones & Stone Wall

At minimum, when building an outdoor firepit, it is wise to create a fire-safe zone around the pit using small stones or pea gravel to prevent the spread of fire. There are pros and cons to using pea gravel around a firepit:


  • Cheaper than other fillers
  • Prevents weed growth
  • Allows water drainage
  • Doesn’t crack over time
  • Can edge into whatever shape you desire


  • Tendency to get transported across the lawn
  • Uncomfortable under bare feet
  • Requires raking and regular refills to keep its shape
  • Must be at least 4” deep to prevent weed growth
  • Unstable surface for outdoor furniture

Investing in concrete stones for your outdoor space adds greater value to your home or cottage. Having a firm, level surface means less long-term maintenance and costs associated with upkeep in comparison to gravel in addition to having a surface comfortable to walk on and set up outdoor furniture on.

The soft look of Rosetta’s Grand Flagstone is perfect for outdoor patios. Each layer in the slab consists of 3-4 smaller units, giving it a natural, random appearance in a pattern that is easy to install.

Whether you’re looking to edge a beautiful walkway or to create a retaining wall on a sloped surface, Rosetta’s Belvedere wall units incorporate stone texture on front and back for a natural, consistent look, in addition to having a tapered shape ideal for straight or curved garden walls, columns, free-standing walls, water features, retaining walls, and more. The possibilities are truly endless.

The Firepit

Roasting marshmallows and enjoying sunsets is a wonderful way to spend time with family and friends. Rosetta’s Belvedere Fire Pit Kit includes all the pieces you need to transform your outdoor space into an inviting, relaxing retreat. Precast concrete is engineered to weather the hardest outdoor elements, while an interior metal ring (with a diameter of 37.5”) protects your investment for the long term. Whether you’re enjoying smores with the kids or campfire sing-alongs with friends, you’ll be safe and warm with this easy-to-install firepit.

Shopping List

Love this look? Bring in this shopping list to your nearest Timber Mart where our DIY Project Sales experts can help you Create This Look! For this project, all items are available as special order through your local Timber Mart.