CTL: 8 Reasons Why Your Deck Needs a Pergola

Having a well-maintained deck not only adds value to your home, but it gives you an outdoor space perfect for entertaining and comfortably enjoying sunny summer days. Just take a look at this stylish deck and pergola space featuring Sansin’s deck stain! The addition of cross rafters and planter boxes, plus the natural privacy hedge defines an outdoor space that is light, airy, and inviting.

If you’re ready to step up your deck game, adding a pergola might be just the thing you need. Here are eight reasons why adding a pergola will benefit your outdoor space followed by tips for maintaining your wood structure for years to come.

Benefits of a Backyard Pergola

  • Creates visual interest–particularly due to its free-standing ability, which means you can build it to suit any size deck or patio space.
  • Personalize your sun-to-shade ratio–by observing the area you plan to build the pergola, you can customize how much sun or shade the pergola provides by varying the size, spacing, angle, and orientation of the rafters.
  • An entertainer’s dream–maximizes your usable outdoor space by adding an area for outdoor furniture; provides structure for adding stringed lights, outdoor speakers, or fabric.
  • Added protection–can act as a windbreaker, rain and shade shelter, or privacy area.
  • A natural haven–adding lattice along one side of your pergola not only provides privacy and shade, but it can also be used for climbing vines; or as used here, add planters for flowers, herbs, or even vegetables.
  • DIY friendly–pergolas are usually free-standing, which means you won’t need complicated connections between the house or roof and the pergola, which is an advantage for DIYers and your budget.
  • Adds value to your home–attractive landscaping is a huge bonus for home buyers, adding up to 20% value to your home.
  • Mother Nature friendly–stands up to the elements better than a metal or vinyl pergola (no need to fear a windy day will take away your structure!).

Maintenance Tips

When building your deck or pergola, you’ll want to consider the advantages and disadvantages of pressure or non-pressure treated wood. A pressure-treated wood pergola is more budget friendly and will have a reasonable lifespan, but pressure-treated lumber can warp and crack over time, so it’d be a good idea to use a stain, like Sansin’s SDF penetrating one-coat finish, to treat and protect your deck and pergola. SDF is designed to be highly water-repellent while also protecting the inside by allowing the wood to “breathe,” preventing moisture from getting trapped in the wood and causing rot.

Going with a natural wood, like cedar, is a popular choice for pergolas. Although more expensive than pressure-treated wood, it’s naturally insect repellent and typically has a longer lifespan, but you’ll want to stain and seal natural wood to hold its colour.

To keep your deck or pergola looking new, it’s important to clean it regularly. A product like Sansin’s Wood Wash will restore the natural tones of wood surfaces and remove unsightly weathering, mold, algae, mildew, and stains. Keeping your wood structure clean and protected will ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Shopping List

Love this look? Bring in this shopping list to your nearest Timber Mart where our DIY Project Sales experts can help you Create This Look! We can help you design a deck or pergola suited to your outdoor space, in addition to helping you create a detailed materials list for your custom deck or pergola.