Create This Look: Make a {Subtle} Statement with an Accent Wall

When you think of an accent wall, do you automatically think of painting one wall a bold colour or covering it in a stylish wallpaper? An accent wall can do more than add visual interest to your room, and it can be done without making a bold statement. For this Create This Look, we love how Cultured Stone has created an accent wall that is natural looking, blending well with the rustic industrial feel of this dining room. It makes a statement without being too loud about it.

Break Up a Neutral Space Naturally

We’ve already seen textured elements, such as MURDesign’s barnwood accent wall, used to create a rustic modern theme. In neutral spaces, adding natural-looking features can help break up flat wall tones, lengthen and even define spaces in an open living format. Here we can see that Cultured Stone’s Country Ledgestone feature wall creates not only a defined area for the dining room, but it also draws the eye up, making the room appear taller and brings attention to the beautiful wooden beams.

You can never go wrong taking cues from Mother Nature, which is why PPG’s At the Core colour collection resonates well with this design. Check out this earthy white colour that is soft and subtle, blending nicely with tones in the stone accent wall.

Shine On!

We love the long, rectangular windows of this space. Using black panes only adds to the rustic industrial theme of the room, and the long narrow windows tie in nicely with the floor-to-ceiling stone accent wall. We can special order Kohltech fixed or picture windows with a lovely black Permafinish and rectangular grille pattern to create a similar look.

Window casings and trim don’t need to be elaborate. In fact, by keeping trim simple, it creates a clean look that nicely contrasts with the rough texture of the accent wall. Try casings and trim from Metrie’s Option {M} Vintage Industrial collection. We chose a thicker architrave to achieve the look along the bottom of the accent picture windows on either side of the accent wall.

Shine On!

For a little romantic light in the evening, metallic light fixtures in strong geometric shapes are still all the rage. We couldn’t pick just one similar style, so here are three amazing options from Canarm that can be special ordered just for you!
While we love the candelabra wall sconces, Canarm happened to have these gorgeous wall sconces that complement the hanging light fixtures.

Soft, Durable Flooring

Vinyl flooring has come a long way since the geometric patterned flooring from the 60s and 70s. While geometric patterns are making a come back, this room’s design focuses on natural elements with just a hint of industrial, geometric design in the light fixtures.

We recommend Beaulieu Canada’s engineered luxury vinyl flooring. This Playa Rigid vinyl in Ocata provides that soft, earthy texture, but its cork backing offers greater temperature and sound insulation. This vinyl comes in 7” wide planks, so it has the look of textured wood.

Shopping List

Love this look? Bring in this shopping list to your nearest Timber Mart where our DIY Project Sales experts can help you Create This Look! While we have a great selection of in-stock items, we’d be happy to find you these special order items to really help you recreate this beautiful design.