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Check out these tips to consider when planning your new garage.

To Detach or Not to Detach

While most new home builds include an attached garage, sometimes the size of the garage still doesn’t meet your needs; for example, a single-size garage rarely fits a family-size vehicle plus storage for bikes, snowblowers, garbage bins, etc. An attached garage has the obvious benefit of easy access between home and car, there are advantages to having a detached garage.
A detached garage provides a more private, quieter space for vehicle and tool storage. Also, it can be more aesthetically pleasing; you can angle it to the house, set it back, or even have it look like a little house or cottage all its own.

Is Bigger Better?

A two-car garage has become the preferred choice. It’s large enough to accommodate a large family vehicle like an SUV, minivan, or truck, with enough space for storage. However, if you have a small car or need just enough space for a personal workshop, a single-size garage may be just right for you.

Create Office or Living Space

If you need extra living space or a quiet place to work, an over-the-garage space can be achieved, especially over a detached garage. Be sure to check with your community’s zoning laws to see if this is an option for you. Plan the layout carefully; for example, stairs inside the garage to the upper level might be OK if you’re using it as an office, but if it’s being used as a rental unit, you will probably be required to have an outdoor stair for egress.

Consider Aesthetics

Your garage doesn’t need to look boxy and boring; it should be an extension of your home. Match any siding, windows, entry doors, and trim to your home. Break up the appearance of a bulky garage door with a few smaller windows. If your ready to add a functional new garage to your home or cottage, talk to our Project Experts. Choose from a great selection of garage packages on-site or get a custom-built garage. Our We Install team is here to help you manage your entire project from beginning to end.

You’ve got a friend in us

From the plans and materials to friendly advice and help along the way, your pals at LYONS TIMBER MART will be along for the ride. Our knowledgeable team members are always available if you have questions while you’re working on your new shed or garage. Don’t forget to stop by with an “after” picture so we can see the finished product - that’s our favourite part!