Getting Your Lighting Right with Lyons Timber Mart

The days are getting shorter, and, as such, you’re probably not getting as much light in your life as you’d like—so, it may be time to update your indoor lighting to provide the level of brightness you crave. There are many reasons to upgrade your lighting: your lighting may be outdated, you may want to improve your energy efficiency, or you may want nicer looking lights. Light fixtures are not hard to update, but the right lighting can vastly improve your energy level and be a pickup in the dreary months. If you’re considering updating one fixture, a room, or your entire house, you need to consider what brand best suits your needs. We like CANARM because they offer many different styles for a variety of spaces and tastes.

Here are some questions you may want to consider when updating your lighting:


What is the purpose of your lighting?

While just choosing a few lights per room may seem a somewhat simple task, it becomes a bit more complicated when you realize that lighting can have multiple purposes. It’s generally agreed upon that there are three main purposes for lighting—ambient, task, and accent—and different types and sizes of fixture are used to accomplish different goals. For example, you may have a chandelier over your dining room table serving as ambient lighting; a task light, such as a desk lamp, to give you the light necessary to keep you focussed  (we like this one), or wall lights to highlight family pictures in your hallway serving as accent lights. Even adding one light, for example, a reading light by your comfiest chair can make a big difference to your lifestyle.

What do you want from the room you’re updating?

The type of lighting you choose will depend upon the room’s purpose. Your kitchen, for example, may need a pendant or chandelier over the kitchen island, as well as under cabinet lighting to keep your workspace as functional as possible. For your bedroom, you may choose something simple, such as a Milano Semi-Flush Mount or more decorative, like the Estella Chandelier, as well as a lamp on your bedside table for reading. Whatever room you’re considering improving, it’s important to ask yourself whether you intend the room or area to be for relaxing, family gatherings, or completing tasks, and choose your lights accordingly.



What do you like?

Probably the most important question to think about when choosing new lighting is, what inspires you?

Seeing a light that makes you feel comfortable or motivated will allow you to enjoy your space more for years to come. One of this year’s trends is black, and if you are into this ever-classic look, you may consider going with a Lexie Chandelier or the edgy Skar Pendant, but what works best for your home depends on your style. Whether you prefer something ornate, like the Olivia Chandelier or more modern, like the Ali LED Chandelier, CANARM has plenty of options.

Is energy efficiency important to you?

Many people are making the transition to LED lights. LED lights have many advantages, including lasting longer, being more energy efficient, and more environmentally safe. If saving energy and money long-term is important to you, CANARM offers plenty of LED options.  Whether you’re looking for a fan, an outdoor light, chandelier, or pretty much any other option you could want, there are plenty of LED lights to choose from. Just take a look.

Jane Lockhart, from this year’s Ladies Night in October, had used the Betty Wood Pendant from Canarm, amongst a few others that had completely transformed rooms. If you’re considering a long-term lighting solution, or just an inexpensive option to spiff up a room short-term, CANARM offers many choices. If you want to see our lighting options for yourself, stop by Lyons Timber Mart and chat with one of our lighting experts today.