Getting Your Yard Ready for Summer Fun with Lyons

With the weather finally warming up in Sault Ste. Marie, it’s time to start making your yard summer ready. Lyons has all the products you need to start up that barbecue, do some planting, put in that firepit, and have friends over to enjoy tasty food on the deck. Learn about some of the great products we offer to make sure you enjoy the season to its fullest.

Freshen up your lawn

The snow is finally melted and you may have noticed that your lawn isn’t exactly at its best. So, it’s time to start landscaping. If your lawn is full of bare patches or sections of weeds, Lyons has got you (and your lawn) well covered. June is the time to spread grass seed before temperatures heat up too much, and Lyons sells Scotts grass seed for both the sunny and shady areas of your lawn. In case we don’t get too much rain (fingers crossed), the Orbit in-ground sprinkler system or traditional garden and oscillating sprinklers will help to keep your new grass healthy. Scotts Turf Builder fertilizer will further help your lawn grow green and lush, and Scotts Weed-B-Gon and path clearer will keep those pesky weeds off your property, ensuring a pristine space to enjoy the summer with friends.

Get going on that garden

It’s a general rule of (the green) thumb that you shouldn’t start planting in Northern Ontario until after June 1st, which means it’s finally time to start expanding and planting your gardens! If you’re hoping to grow your garden this year, Lyons has a variety of garden edging stones, including Brown’s Concrete Wedgestone for gardens with curves, or Oaks Gardenia wall blocks for traditional rectangular gardens. We further carry soil, mulch, and Miracle-Gro products to create the best environment for your plants’ optimal health.

Ignite those summer nights

June is the perfect time to invest in a firepit to enjoy outdoor cooking with friends and family. Lyons carries Barbecue Blocks which make it easy to bring the family together for a cookout. If you want a firepit to fit your ideal outdoor paradise, Lyons also carries Rosetta Stone firepits, such as the Belvedere firepit from Brown’s Concrete. With our options, putting in the fire pit that suits your financial expectations and needs is no problem. Remember to get a burn permit from the City of Sault Ste. Marie before you have your first bonfire party, though.



Deck out your deck

Of course, summer also means gathering and cooking out on the deck, so June is the ideal time to build one, or to set up a grilling station. To build your deck right, Lyons carries Sienna brown pressure treated lumber, or we can order Trex composite decking or cedar lumber. To keep your new deck looking lovely, we also carry Sansin stains. Come in and talk to our project specialists to have your deck designed to your specifications. Once you’re happy with your deck, it’s time to equip it right—with a Traeger pellet barbecue. Lyons carries Traeger barbecues in a variety of sizes with accompanying equipment, such as Apple BBQ Hardwood pellets—one of our customers’ favourites. So, get cooking with the space and tools to make delicious food without heating your kitchen.


If you’re ready to make your yard awesome, stop by either Lyons location and talk to our experts. Our project specialists, such as Cory Rainone and Allan Armstrong, will help you with building your deck, and our masonry team, including James Neveu, Sean Churcher, and Brian Smith, will make sure your gardens look just the way you want. That way can truly enjoy the all too few gorgeous, warm months the Sault gives.