Interior Paint Spotlight… Get Ready to Express Yourself!

Colour collections for 2019 are anything but dull… PPG and SICO palettes encourage homeowners to live in the moment, to express themselves, and to bring focus to design themes. With our BOGO Paint event, there are no limits on reviving an interior space!

Whether you’re “With It” or love the minimalist “With Out” approach, PPG’s 2019 “We Are” collection features luxurious, deep colours paired with timeless neutrals and bold, colourful tones matched with lively earthy tones. Check out this “With It” colour palette and how it was used to create a vibrant, playful entry way. Green tones are definitely the colour to use this year to revive interior spaces.

If your design mood is more calming and quieting, PPG’s “With Out” collection focuses on the notion that quiet can be powerful, much like the mantra that less is more.

Whether your style is earthy, modern, or classic, there’s no better way to create a relaxing sanctuary in your home than to get inspiration from the great outdoors. That’s the idea behind SICO’s 2019 colour of the year: Grand Manan Black!

Elegant and understated, it is versatile enough to complement any decor while recreating the calming sensation of a forest sanctuary. Rich, earthy tones are also featured in SICO’s Key Colours for 2019.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration from within, taking it from without, or are just going with what’s the in thing, Lyons Timber Mart is here to help you create a space you’ll love. Our design and project experts are on hand to help you with your interior design or paint project questions. Contact us for details.