Planning the Right Fit for Your Car (or your workshop!)

Although you’re probably finally enjoying that summer weather, and we hate to remind you of the upcoming seasons, this is when you’ll want to think about making sure your car is well-housed for those snowy winter months. The summer is the right time to plan and begin building your ideal garage which fits with the aesthetic of your house and meets your requirements. Timber Mart’s garage plans include plenty of options to suit your budget, taste, and price range. Take a look and start considering what your dream garage looks and feels like for you and your car. Here are a few things that you should consider for your next outdoor project.


A Garage Can Be More Than A Place To Store Your Car

When you’re looking at Timber Mart’s garage and shed plans, the first thing to consider is what your dream garage will be used for and how it will suit your needs in the years to come. If your garage is primarily meant to house your car (and prevent you from having to clean off your car on our upcoming snowy winters…we know, it’s too soon), then you’ll want to consider the size of your vehicle and how many vehicles you’ll be housing now and in the future. For example, if you need lots of space, Timber Mart offers a 1440 square foot garage is perfect for keeping two cars as well as an RV. Many people, however, want a garage for other purposes as well, such as to build a useful workshop. If you’ve been thinking about a workshop space for a while, you’ll want to consider including extra space for this. With Timber Mart’s many sizes and style options, we’re sure we’ll be able to accommodate all of your needs.



It’s Time To Open A New Door (or maybe even look out a window)

Since you’ll likely see and open your garage door pretty often, you’ll want to make sure it looks just right. GARAGA offers plenty of options to give you the garage door that fits best with your home. Whether you’re looking for a traditional, contemporary, or carriage house style, you can pick out something that goes nicely with your ideal aesthetic. You can even design every aspect yourself, from the panel construction to the color. Plus, many of GARAGA’s options include a variety of window styles so you can let some light in. Don’t worry, though, these garage doors are also perfect for Canadian winters, keeping the heat well contained where you need it.

Make It Look Just Right

The look of your garage should, of course, suit your taste and home’s aesthetics. To make sure it does, Lyons offers plenty of options for your exterior. We have a variety of siding options including Gentek, Fair Oaks Siding or Sequoia Select Premium, but there’s also a variety of other looks and styles you can choose. For example, Northern Forest gives you more of a wood-look, or, if you want a rich looking, classic stone style, be on stone or Fusion Stone are excellent options as well.

It’s The Inside That Counts

We all know that it’s the inside that counts, and considering the materials used for the interior will be a significant part of designing your ideal garage. What you’ll want to do with the inside of the garage will depend on its ultimate purpose. You can decide whether you want to use 2x4s or 2x6s, and if you want your space insulated or not. Your choice will depend on whether you want to keep your space a bit warmer and keep the heating costs down. If your garage is a place for you to get away from everything and build, and not just a way for your car to avoid the elements, you may want to consider keeping it warmer so you can enjoy it all winter long. With so many design options and great products available, you’ll likely be able to find the right design in our pre-designed options. However, if you’re looking for something more specific, Lyons’ experts can also design a custom garage just for you. Talk to Lyons’ project specialists to get the design that fits your car, and your life.