8 Things to Consider Before Starting a Renovation Project with Lyons

Starting a project with us or thinking of getting some work done on your home? Home renovation projects are exciting, but can also be a little stressful. That’s why we’ve put together this blog post, as it’s often the unknowing that can cause worry.

Here are some things to think about when starting a project with us.

Thinking Ahead

Renovations take time. It’s best to add a buffer of time after the expected project completion before planning events that will use the renovated space such as holiday or birthday parties.

There will often be times during the renovation that you will need to be home to accept deliveries or complete walkthroughs. It’s best to plan ahead and have a flexible schedule during the renovation process so you can accommodate for these situations.

In addition, you may need to clear away furnishings or even park your car in a separate area so contractors have access to your garage and driveway as needed.

Daily Arrangements

Your life will become a bit more chaotic. You should be prepared for workers inside and outside your home and constant deliveries. Be mindful of where you park your vehicles and ensure that children and pets have a safe space and a routine to keep them calm. This will help to keep the process stress-free for all family members.

Drafts and Dust

Any home renovation project will bring drafts, dust and disorder. The work crew will hang plastic sheets to stop as much dust as possible, but you will still have to deal with light layers throughout the job. When each work day ends, the crew should clean up debris and seal the house as much as possible to block drafts. Wherever there is a hole in an outside wall, there will be at least a slight draft. You will have to be prepared for this situation.

If you are new to the renovation process, expect a lot of loud noises all day long. The real estate and property renovation shows don’t quite convey the constant level of noise that occurs during the process.

Renos also mean reduced privacy for sometimes weeks at time. If you are private or quiet person, you’ll have to prepare and set yourself up for the best possible outcome.

Your sales person and project coordinator will do their best to provide you with an accurate timeline. They will also do everything in their power to stick to the schedule and keep the job moving. Of course, no one can foresee absolutely everything once a job has begun, especially if you are working on an older home. Plumbing issues, asbestos, old flooring, poor renovation attempts from previous owners, and mold are just a few problems that could arise in older homes.

Drywalling is a Process

Whenever drywalling is involved in a project it can seem like it is taking a while to complete. That’s because it does! In order to get the best final product, there will be multiple coats of mudding applied and each layer will need to be sanded. This is a dusty but necessary portion of the project.

Window Tear Out

Getting new windows installed is exciting! It can also leave an unwanted odor due to the smell of the spray foam. This is temporary but it’s good to know about in advance so that those with sensitivities to smells can make accommodations.

Change Orders

The unexpected cousin is the change order, by which any new and changed work is documented, along with added costs. Most often change orders occur because of things that you may decide to add or change.


Where should that outlet be? How high do you want the showerhead? Where do you want the cabinet hardware mounted? Oil-rubbed bronze or chrome or brushed nickel or satin nickel? Is your head spinning yet? Count on many questions that you’ll need to answer as your project proceeds, and our staff will do our best to keep you up to speed.

A Party!

Expect that you will want to show off your newly remodeled kitchen, living room or addition. We have had clients throw parties and invite friends, along with us and our trade partners. It’s gr

atifying for everyone to see a beautifully finished home filled with people enjoying themselves.

Home projects are exciting times and the entire Lyons’ staff is here to make it as smooth as possible for you. Has this blog post sparked questions? Contact your project coordinator today and they’ll be happy to help.