Ways to Make Your New Build More Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

If you’re in the process of deciding whether to build a new home or buy a pre-existing one, it’s time to consider your priorities. If energy efficiency is high on your list, the best time to plan is when building a new home. Through incorporating your goals at this stage of the game, rather than after buying a pre-built home, you can save plenty of money on heating and cooling costs, and be kinder to the environment. Lyons can help you with many tips and products to allow you to be better informed in your home-building decisions.  Here are some:

Choose thicker walls and better insulation

One of the best ways to reduce heating and cooling costs is to build a home with thicker walls and more insulation. Another option is adding Isolofoam insulation on the exterior of the stud wall to raise the insulation levels in your home. As it is difficult and costly to fix poor insulation in older homes, taking this into account when building new can save you trouble in the future.

Add energy efficient light fixtures

You can also make your new home more energy efficient by thinking about your light fixtures. Energy Star rated fixtures are a great way to save energy and money, but if you adore a certain light that’s not Energy Star rated, you can also choose an LED lightbulb for that fixture. Canarm makes a variety of LED lights which may bring a sparkle to your eye and room. The technology of LED lights also means your new fixture can have a unique shape, as it need not accommodate the bulkiness of a traditional light bulb.  Energy efficient dimmers or timers are also a useful addition for a new homeowner wanting to save on energy.

Get the right windows and doors

Rather than letting heat out your doors and windows, your new house can include more up-to-date models. Kohltech, for example, offers many window options which meet Passive House requirements—a certification involving rigorous standards to reduce heating and cooling costs. As part of their program, they offer many glass options with more insulating properties.

Lower your water consumption

Decisions you make in every room of your house will impact your energy efficiency.  You may have found that low flush toilets had inadequate power; however, design updates have compensated for these issues and allowed for even lower water consumption with each flush.  The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Lyons will be happy to point you towards the best American Standard, Cabalo or Gerber toilet to suit your needs.

Install environmentally friendly floors

Did you know that Lauzon has flooring options that impact the environment less and make your family healthier? Lauzon prides themselves on making sustainable and responsible hardwood floors. Through limiting negative environmental impact in every aspect of the forestry process, including through careful sourcing and recycling, Lauzon continually demonstrates their focus on the environment. They also offer Pure Genius flooring, which purifies air quality in your home to make your family healthier.

Building a new home allows for plenty of options for improving energy efficiency, and Lyons offers the brands and expertise to make those choices clearer. Stop by either Lyons location to learn more about what you can do to improve energy efficiency and be kinder to the environment or fill out this form to request a free consultation with us.