Seeking Superior Paint? Here’s Why We Recommend SICO


What’s your home reno goal this fall? Why not choose something simple that will make a big difference? Paint colour allows you to express your personality and lets you enjoy spaces in the way you’d like. A neutral tone for your bedroom may allow you to have a restful sleep, or a purple wall in your workspace may help you get the creative burst you crave. Fall is the right time to paint because the weather is still nice enough to open some windows, but it’s not sweltering anymore. Whatever room you hope to update, SICO has plenty of options to choose from. Here are a few reasons why we recommend SICO Muse for your next paint project.


Saves Time

Priming your walls can be time consuming, but with SICO Muse, you can skip this step. SICO Muse includes both the paint and primer, so, without priming your walls, your paint will be durable and will stick to your walls with ease. With SICO Muse, application is simple. The paint is smooth, the odour isn’t strong, and primer isn’t necessary. With painting being that much easier, you may have time for another fall project this year!







Stain Resistant

Once you’ve taken the time to paint, of course you want to be content with your paint job for a while. SICO Muse includes TOUCH RESIST TECHNOLOGYTM, which means your paint colours will last longer. SICO Muse paints are durable, and the paint hides flaws on your wall, so you can enjoy gorgeous and pure colour. SICO is a high calibre brand which keeps your walls fresh and inviting for longer.


Stylish Colours

SICO includes many colour options to suit your style and purpose. As is explained on SICO’s website, this fall the colour palette is quite sophisticated: “elegant browns, military grays and diverse hues mainly inspired by precious stone and jewellery, like rich golden yellows, gem greens, indigo blues and deep mauves, which gives it a touch of nobility and elegance.” SICO includes inspiration for your every room and taste. There are plenty of colour options so you can find just the right hue for you. Plus, you can talk to our style-savvy staff about what works best for your aesthetic and décor.  






Simple Shopping

SICO Deco Colour Lab lets you more easily visualize your design goals. You can choose one of SICO’s stock photos to get a sense of what you want, or upload your own photo to find your ideal wall colour. You can also come into Lyons and get some advice on your paint colour, or just browse our options.

So, if you’re looking for sophisticated, superior paint to adorn the walls of your home, come to Lyons and talk to our paint department about SICO paint. We’ll be happy to help you make your space suit your style. Good luck with your fall project!